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Stylmark™ manufactures creates also unique statuettes, commemorative plaques and other castings for private and business occasions. Each of them is prepared with great care by casting the desired shape from brass and then placing it on a solid foundation made of natural stone.

We implement designs according to catalog designs presented on this website as well as implement individual designs. We offer a comprehensive service – from the design of the shape and model of the foundry, to the machining and aesthetic finish of the casting. We make individual pieces as well as whole series of any size. Each statuette can be personalized by adding a noble plaque with engraved inscription or a dedication. We set the engraving project individually – there are dozens of typefaces and styles to choose from!

Statuettes from the Stylmark™ Manufactory have been working for many years at corporate events such as The Teacher’s Day, Barbórka (Polish Miner’s Day), Policeman’s Day, Polish Army Day, as the award for the best employees or honour Job senioraty. They are a valued trophy during various competitions – sports, recreational and a number of others. They also serve wedding-guests and jubilarians as well as honeymooners and guests during family and social events.

It’s worth knowing that…

  • Statuettes are made to individual orders of our Clients. If there is such a wish, the Client can have the exclusive rights of a pattern.
  • Each of the produced moulds, due to its manual work, has its own individual character. This makes those products not fully reproducible and, as a result, they may differ in minor details, which, however, emphasizes their manual creation and resultant nobility as well as uniqueness.
  • Each marble pedestal may be slightly different and may have discolorations, streaks and other elements forming a pattern – it is a feature of natural stones that emphasizes their nobility and natural origin. The shade of the stone may differ from the one presented in the picture.