The Stylmark range includes all the necessary spare parts for kerosene lamps and the right paraffin.

Kerosene for kerosene lamps

Kerosene for kerosene lamps is today a high quality decorative oil. Available capacities: 1.0 l, 0.5 l, 0.3 l, 0.18 l. Available colors: blue, green, yellow, red. Colourless kerosene is only available in 1 L and 0.5L capacity. The kerosene colour may differ from that presented in the picture.


Wicks are sold in lengths 20, 30, 50 and 100 cm (7.9, 11.8, 19.7 and 39.4 inches), depending on the thickness and type of wick. We sell wicks that match Stylmark oil lamps and in other sizes.

Spare parts for lamps

Hand-made, high-quality parts for kerosene lamps from the Stylmark Manufactory collection is a guarantee that if even the lamp is destroyed – it can be easily renovated. Thanks to that one can also change the nature of the lamp – turning the current lampshade into another. Due to the hand-made and decorating, the shades may differ slightly from those presented in the pictures.
We offer:

  • lampshade large tulip – No. KL-220, height approx. 18 cm (7.09″), diameter of assembly – approx. 83 mm (3.27″),
  • lampshade medium tulip – No. KL-160, height approx. 15 cm (5.91″), diameter of assembly – approx. 49 mm (1.93″),
  • lampshade small tulip – No. KL-115, height approx. 12 cm (4.72″), diameter of assembly – approx. 48 mm (1.89″),
  • simple chimney – No. KP-29, height approx. 18 cm (7.09″) or 21 cm (8.27″), diameter of assembly – approx. 29 mm (1.14″),
  • simple chimney – No. KP-36, height approx. 26 cm (10.24″), diameter of assembly – approx. 36 mm (1.38″).