The Stylmark range includes all the necessary spare parts for kerosene lamps and the right paraffin.


We sell paraffin in bottles with a capacity of 0.18 L, 0.3 L, 0.5L, 1 L: in the colors red, green, yellow, blue and also colorless paraffin of a capacity 0.5 L and 1 L. Kerosene is packaged in a way that guarantees shipment security.


Wicks are sold in lengths 20, 30, 50 and 100 cm, depending on the thickness and type of wick. We sell wicks that match Stylmark oil lamps and in other sizes.

Spare parts for lamps

Spare parts for lamps such as lampshades and chimneys are sold separately. For shipping the glass is packed securely in a carton and foil filling and taped with safety tapes.