It is worth knowing that:

  • Kerosene lamps are made on order.
  • The molds in which the brass elements of lamps and dishes are cast are made by hand. This means that each form has its own individual character and as a result, the brass elements cast in it, even within the same pattern, may differ slightly.
  • Shades and kerosene tanks in kerosene lamps are handmade and therefore may differ slightly from each other.
  • The pedestals of lamps and dishes are made of natural stones – they can therefore have natural discolorations, stripes and irregularities of the pattern, which distinguish them from synthetic materials and provide them with their natural beauty. The colours of the stones are chosen randomly and their shades may differ from the ones presented in the pictures.
  • In the case of gift packets, shades of paper and decorative packets may differ slightly.
  • As a result of the above reasons, we are not responsible for the difference between the colour of the assortment in the catalogue and the actual colour of the product which is ordered.. Products made by hand and based on natural raw materials are beautiful because of their diversity and natural uniqueness.
  • Kerosene lamps are an element of decoration and subtle local lighting – for full interior lighting, one should additionally use electric lighting.
  • Each lamp or glassware is packed individually. In the case of lamps, the instruction manual is included in the packets.